May 2021 Newsletter

Dear Parents

This is just a short update for you on events at Princess Road Pre-School and new information as the restrictions regarding Covid 19 begin to ease.

Summer term

We always enjoy this summer term and particularly this year, after a series of lockdowns, we are looking forward  to exciting times ahead once more.

First of all, we would like to tell you that on Friday 30th April, Captain Sir Tom Moore’s birthday, everyone in Princess Road took part in singing 100 nursery rhymes, as part of the Captain Tom’s 100 challenge.  We reached our target by 5:30pm and were very pleased to send a donation to the Foundation.


With local restrictions now being lifted we are hoping to take part in a few more fundraising projects.  Our target is to raise enough money to buy a defibrillator for use in both the nursery and the local community. The pandemic has made us aware of how important it is to have the right help at the right time so we are hoping to buy this crucial machine in the hope we never have to use it.  Some of our ideas are:

  1.  a staff team is preparing for a sponsored walk up Snowdon !
  2.  we are planting some bulbs with the children for them to bring home
  3.  we will invite the children to a sponsored bounce on our Bouncy Castle

We hope you will support us in these ideas but please, please give us your suggestions as well for events you think would be successful.       


Local schools will close again on Friday 28th May for one week’s half term holiday.  Princess Road Pre-School will close for the Bank Holiday on Monday 31st May but will be open for the rest of the week.  If your child attends our Nursery or Playgroup sessions, please let us know if he/she will be in over the holiday.  Please note Flying Start funding and Early Years Grants only apply in term time.  Schools re-open on Monday 7th June.    


We have enjoyed some warm weather recently but have some reminders about necessary precautions.  Please apply suncream to your child before he/she attends nursery if it looks like being a warm day.  This is especially important with some restrictions still in place. You can send in your suncream for a ‘top-up’ if your child stays for a full day. We also encourage the children to wear a sun hat when outside – please provide a named one from home. 

We have noticed that most of the commercially produced jellies brought in for lunch by the children are being wasted.  As they are extremely runny most of it ends up on the floor!  We would be grateful if you would choose an alternative desert, especially over the coming summer months. Also please would you cut up grapes and sausages into halves or bitesize to ensure there is no danger of choking.  Harsh, I know, but better safe than sorry!

Please have a look at our flyer for some information on the birthday party facilities we have here at Princess Road.  Because of the lockdowns we have been unable to advertise the Party Zone but it is now available once more for weekend parties.  We are also hoping to add a venue for weekday parties in the near future.   

Big thanks

Your help and support has kept us all going over the last months – we can only say THANK YOU SO MUCH.  We all love being here with the children and are looking forward to spending the summer with them with lots of exciting activities planned.

Working at play, playing at work