July 2013

As I’m sure you’re all aware, local schools close for the summer on

If your child will be changing session times for the summer, and if you haven’t already done so, please inform the Nursery, Baby Suite or the After School Club so we can staff accordingly.

During the summer our Holiday Club will be offering a number of trips for the children to attend. Letters have been sent out with details about these events and prices but if you haven’t received one please let Mr Matt or Mr Ben know and they can send one home or email you directly.

So far we’ve enjoyed a pretty sunny start to the summer months so I’d like to remind everyone that sun cream and hats are a must for all age groups. Bouncy castles and outdoor play is all well and good but not so much when you have terrible sunburn! Trust me, I know…

Remember, if you’re going on holiday then fees are charged at half price so let us know and we’ll adjust invoices for those times. Children can take two weeks of their normal session times at the reduced rate. So, if you go away for two weeks you only pay for one! Of course, you don’t pay when the school is closed either, so Bank Holidays and a week at Christmas are free!

With the acquisition of the old solicitors building next door to the Nursery we now have a lot more room for storage and office space so in the coming months lots of new and exciting things will be happening at Princess Road. At the time of writing the library is in development and following that we hope to introduce a soft and sensory play room for the Baby Suite. Unfortunately, Miss Pauline seems unimpressed with my suggestion for a staff games room with a cappuccino machine but I live in hope.

Enjoy the last few weeks of school and then (hopefully!) we can all have an amazing summer!

Kind Regards,
Everyone at Princess Road School